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High-End Bird Food & Other Pet Treats

Nibble Nest carries the top brands of bird food and other pet treats. We provide for an upscale clientele, including bird, rabbit, and guinea pig enthusiasts.

Parrots and Pet Treats
Industry-Recognized Brands
The products we offer have all the essential vitamins and minerals your bird needs. We sell in bulk, but can package into smaller quantities if you wish. Prices range from $5.00 to $109.00 for a 25 lb. bag of Harrison's™ bird food. Other brands that we carry include:

• Carefresh™ • Higgins™ • Roudybush™ • Sunseed™ • ZuPreem™


Treats & Nutrition Essentials
Our products range from $7.99 to $37.99. If you are not happy with your order, we will give you a full refund. The products include:

• Cuttlebone—A small, squid-like shell where birds rub their beak for conditioning. Apart from being a good source of calcium and iron, it also keeps their
  beaks trimmed.

• Oyster Shell Dressing—This helps birds digest their food properly. It makes your birds look and feel healthy.

• Kaytee™ Exact Hand Feeding Formula—This amazing item is intended for baby birds. Use it properly and look forward to healthier pet birds.

More Food for Small Animals
Let your rabbits and guinea pigs enjoy great-tasting, fiber-rich food from Oxbow™ and other top brands. We have Oxbow Vitamin C and Oxbow Natural Science Digestive Support. Prices range from $4.19 to $48.92. Our wide selection of food also includes Orchard Grass Hay, Alfalfa Nibbles, and Western Timothy Hay.

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